About Us

Star Cherish is an online platform to remember and commemorate our departed loved ones. As an extension to the print version of Cherish, we have digitalised advertisements to give the gift of a lasting tribute to those who have passed on. In there, their memory will continue to live.

Star Cherish provides the ease of visiting and sharing your loved one’s memorials wherever you are.

We’ve also put together articles and resources that provide guidance in coping with grief and its related circumstances.

Star Cherish is part of Star Media Group Berhad.

Star Media Group, formerly known as Star Publications (M) Bhd, is Malaysia’s leading integrated and innovative media group. Formed in 1971 as a print company with the nation’s number one English daily, The Star, the company has evolved into a multi-channel media group with regional footprints and seven entities – Print, Digital, Radio, TV, Out-of-Home, Events and Training.

In the company’s continuous effort to Inform, Inspire and Innovate, Star Media Group is committed to delivering content that drives action and tell stories that must be told. Learn more at https://starmediagroup.my/